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Gilbert-Ash Completes Transformation of Brighton Office Block to Modern Apartments

17 | January | 2019

Gilbert-Ash recently completed a £13.8m design, build and fit out project to reveal 63 modern apartments at Prestamex House, Brighton.

The 1970s building was striped back to its concrete frame, including the removal of stairs and lifts to maximise floor space for the new apartments across eight floors. The conversion included a completely new envelope, with a rainscreen cladding system, anodized aluminium and glass balconies ensuring a contemporary façade. 

Drawing on Gilbert-Ash’s best-practice commercial hospitality experience, the team incorporated a turn-key benchmark room early within the detailed schedule of works. This process reflected the collaborative approach throughout the project, enabling all partners to review and agree the apartment finish.

The team took a strict ‘top-down’ programming approach, with the two penthouse apartments completed first and each controlled zone closed off in turn. Additionally, adaptions to the mains services including water, gas and electric were necessary in the conversion of the building.

The converted Brighton building, which falls just under tall building standards by 47mm, stands in harmony with its surroundings including family leisure facilities from football pitches to tennis courts. Gilbert-Ash worked closely with the client, Daejan Holdings, part of the Freshwater Group, as well as supply chain partners  to ensure a positive working relationship with the local community.