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Built as Battersea Town Hall in 1893, Battersea Arts Centre is an architectural treasure trove, its exuberant Arts and Crafts exterior concealing mosaic floors, grand staircases, colonnaded lobbies and glass domes.

The Battersea Arts Centre project is aimed at improving public and performance spaces and access. There is also a focus on restoring the heritage of the fabric of the building.

Project Team

Client Battersea Arts Centre
Project Manager Bristow Johnson
Architect/Landscape Architect Haworth Tompkins
Quantity Surveyor Bristow Johnson Navdeep Kang
Structural Engineer Heyne Tillet Steel
Services Engineer Skelley & Couch LLP
CDM Co-ordinator PFB Construction Management Services

Project Value

project value - £5.8 million

Gilbert-Ash is undertaking several key elements of work on the building. The Lower Hall is being reconfigured, the top of Town Hall Road is being re-landscaped, new offices will be added and the existing courtyard will be opened up to match its original footprint more closely. The project involves a significant element of conservation of key heritage features, including the repair of glass mosaic flooring, restoration of the Octagonal Dome and the Grand Hall canopy and lantern on Theatre Street will be repaired.

Work on the Arts Centre will also include major sustainability upgrades to improve thermal insulation and reduce energy usage.

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