• Client: Muslim Academic Trust

  • Architect: marks barfield architects

  • Structural Engineer: Pryce & Myers

  • Mechanical & Electrical: Skelly & Couch

  • Project Value: £21million

Cambridge Mosque, Europe’s first eco-mosque, involved a range of highly intricate construction methods.

A central feature of Cambridge Mosque’s prayer hall is its unique freeform glulam timber frame, which comprises 30 interconnecting ‘tree’ structures. Each ‘tree’ is formed by 16 interwoven timber members, the geometry of which provides the frame’s strength.

It accommodates a congregation of 1000 men and women, becoming both a community and a spiritual centre. Works included a basement car park of for 80 cars and Mosque facility above, with café, offices, residential property for the Imam and his family, separate student accommodation and a mortuary.


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Alan Smith, Director at Barlett School of Architecture

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